Performing arts

National Ballet of Kosovo 

Formed in 1972, the National Ballet is a public institution overseen by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS). The National Ballet became member on the International Dance Council in 2014. The National Ballet has participated in several international festivals (Italy, Austria, etc.).

National Song and Dance Ensemble “SHOTA”

The national songs and dance ensemble “SHOTA” is founded in 1948 as one of the first artistic and cultural institutions in Kosovo.

National Theatre of Kosovo

The National Theatre of Kosovo was founded in October 1946 in Prizren. It was the first professional theatre in Kosovo after World War II. After few months, the theatre moved to Kosovo’s capital Pristina.

ODA Theatre

Founded in 2002, ODA is an independent organisation committed to professional development of the theatrical art, encouraging inter-relations with other arts, building strong arts and culture foundations for coming generations.

Qendra Multimedia

Cultural production company working in the field of arts and culture with a main focus on contemporary theater and dramaturgy. Qendra Multimedia has organised more than 100 cultural projects in Kosovo and in others European countries.

Teatri Urban Theatre

Independent company, founded as an open platform for alternative, non-commercial and urban theatre productions and initiatives.


Established in 2009, DOMOVIK addresses the needs of young people and vulnerable communities in Kosovo. The organisation also carries out different cultural event in the Mitrovica region such as theatre days, concerts, cultural debates, etc.

Loja Laboratory Theatre

The Loja Laboratory Theatre, established in 2009 in Prishtina by theatre director Bekim Lumi, is an independent theatre company, an experimental research and creativity centre for theatre.

Theatre and Movie House AKT

TFH “AKT” has been established as the continuation of EPICAL THEATRE which was founded in 1994 and functioned as professional mobile theatre until 1997. From this year on, it continued it work as TFH “AKT” operating as theatrical and film house.

 Dodona Theater

Dodona Puppet Theatre was established in 1986. Besides the permanent programme, since 2011 it also organises the Puppet Theatre Festival with the participation of the most important puppet theatres form the Balkan region.

Symphony Orchestra of Kosovo Philharmony

NGOM music festival

NGOM is a music festival held in Prizren.

Mitrovica Rock School – NGO

The Mitrovica Rock School started in 2008 as a project of Musicians without Borders (MwB) and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), with the support of Fontis Rockacademie, a pop-rock music academy in the Netherlands. Today the Mitrovica Rock School restores rock music culture to the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica, Kosovo.

DAM festival

DAM is an Annual International Festival of Young Musicians held in Pristina.

Kosovo Chopin Association

Every year the association organises ChopinPiano FEST aimed to promote piano performances within the classical music genre as well as contemporary and jazz piano music.


Prishtina Internationa Festival ReMusica is annual festival which promotes the contemporary music and conveys innovative expressions in the art of music, through channels of different stylistic tendencies of the XX century.

Prishtina Jazz Festival

Prishtina Jazz Festival is the only jazz festival in Kosovo. It focuses on the promotion of qualitative jazz bands from Kosovo and from the Balkan countries.

Hasi Jehon Festival

The annual Folk traditional festival “Hasi Jehon” is held in Gjonaj, 15 kilometers from Prizren. This festival is dedicated to the promotion of the folk music and many artistic group and bands from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Presevo participate in this music event.