The project

The “Culture for all – phase III” project, implemented by Interarts Foundation for International Cultural Cooperation in consortium with ARCS-Arci Cultura e Sviluppo and Culture Action Europe and managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo. 

The “Culture for all –phase III” project started in November 2014 and will run until November 2016.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the cultural and socio-economic development in Kosovo, through the promotion of cultural activities understood to have to serve the wide spectrum of the different communities established and living in the country and of inclusive educational and recreational services and activities enabling increased interaction between children from different communities and backgrounds. 

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To enhance the development of the cultural sector by providing assistance to public and private cultural operators which are expected to contribute to the overall economic and social development in Kosovo.
  • To strengthen the cultural sector as a vector of creativity and social innovation, enhance cultural diversity and inter-cultural dialogue and to develop cultural industry as an asset for Kosovo’s economy and competitiveness. 
  •  To support notably female artists and cultural operators in the strengthening of their capacities and visibility in the cultural scene of Kosovo.
  • To increase inclusive educational and recreational activities in Kosovo by fostering interaction between children from different communities and backgrounds. 
  • To support the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo and other education stakeholders in the development of the new curriculum related to the arts.

The “Culture for all – phase III” project is addressed to Kosovo’s public and private cultural operators, civil society organisations as well as individual artists. The project includes four main components:

  • Component I: Support to cultural operators (public and private, university, media and civil society) and to cultural events organised in Kosovo.
  • Component II: Promotion of cross-border/regional cultural activities and exchange including networking activities and support to mobility of cultural actors in and out of Kosovo.
  • Component III: Raise the international cultural profile of Kosovo, build the skills and capacities of respective institutions, cultural operators and cultural civil society organizations and develop the cultural industry as an asset for Kosovo’s economy and competitiveness.
  • Component IV: Organise two editions of an annual Kosovo-wide Children Festival focusing on educational activities for students to learn about the European Union, to develop creativity and imagination, and promote increased cultural education and learning.

The project’s activities to be carried out in the context of the above mentioned Components include the support to at least 20 cultural events and/or inter-ethnic activities and/or activities involving vulnerable groups; the support to the production of at least 3 documentaries and/or short artistic films; the organisation of activities to mark World Book Day, Pristina Open Music Night and/or fashion design activities; the organisation of study visits for artists and culture professionals to EU Member States and IPA countries; the organisation of regional cultural events in order to foster cross-border cooperation and inter-cultural dialogue at a regional level; the support to public cultural institutions in matters related to cultural policies and the development of cultural and creative industries; the organisation of training sessions to strengthen the capacities of public and private cultural operators with regards to different artistic skills and techniques as well as entrepreneurship, participation in EU programmes, etc.; the development of a study of culture as a subject within the education system in Kosovo, etc.

Partners of the project are:


ARCS-Arci Cultura e Sviluppo

Culture Action Europe