Call for applications 2015 - Lot 1 & Lot 2

In December 2015, the “Culture for all – phase III” project launched a Call for applications 2015 in order to support the existing and/or new cultural projects/ events under Lot 1 and inter-ethnic cultural projects/ activities and/or cultural activities which promote the visibility, inclusiveness, respect and rights of vulnerable groups under Lot 2. 

The call was addressed to non-profit-making public or private bodies legally constituted in Kosovo, NGOs, associations or other cultural operators or civil society organisations, or informal groups or individual artists/creative practitioners who are based in Kosovo and covered theater and performing arts, audio-visual arts, cinema, publishing and book sector, architecture, and urban interventions, music, visual arts, handicrafts, fashion, design, interdisciplinary actions and cultural theory and criticism.

154 actors submitted their applications. After the assessment exercise carried out by the “Culture for all – phase III” project team and one independent expert and, in agreement with the European Union Office in Kosovo, a list of 14 projects selected under Lot 1 and 10 project selected under Lot 2 was established. In addition, 4 projects focusing on cross-border cultural exchange and collaboration in the Balkan region were also supported in the context of the call. 

Summaries of the selected projects are listed below.



Organisation: Kosovo Architecture Foundation
Title:  “Prishtina Architecture Week 2015 – Event Cities”
Project description: PAW – Event Cities seek to reactivate and reprogram neglected public buildings and spaces, proposing new scenarios for their future uses, create adequate spaces for young unrepresented artists and groups and raise the capacity of local students and professionals of arts and architecture.

The PAW – Event Cities took place from 29 June to 12 July 2015 and included a range of activities (workshops, lectures, debates, open studios, open houses, tours and exhibitions, screenings, etc.) focusing on architecture, arts, design and filming.

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Organisation: Anibar
Title: “Anibar International Animation Festival - 6th Edition”
Project description:
The objectives of the Anibar Festival are to promote the latest creations of animated films and the culture of film making, to stimulate the young artists to produce animated films and to provide an opportunity for networking between Kosovo artists and their international counter parts. The activity also aims at supporting a direct link between the Kosovan filmmakers, students, Kosovan cultural and film institution and educational officials, initiating discussion on animation as a tool for education in Kosovo and at improving artistic and creative development amongst young emerging artists through animation workshops and screenings expressing ideas regarding different issues through animation as an educational tool for change.

The 6th edition of the Anibar International Festival was organised from 20 to 26 August in Peja, Kosovo. The main activities included film screenings, competitions, meetings with filmmakers, film presentations, panel discussions, etc. 

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Organisation: DOKUFEST, International Documentary and Short Film Festival
Title: “DOKUFEST Edition XIV International Documentary and Short Film Festival”
Project description: DokuFest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosovo. Each year the festival fills the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren with a selection of more than 200 hand-picked films from around the world. The festival is known for its lively atmosphere, the amazing enthusiasm that grasps the city and its people and also for more than 150 volunteers working for the festival. Documentary photo exhibitions, debates, master classes and lively music events are also part of the 9 days festival.

The XIV Edition of the Festival was organised from 8 to 16 August in Prizren, Kosovo. This edition included activities such as DokuPhoto, DokuTech, DokuKids, DokuNights, workshops, debates, panels, artistic talks and master classes. 

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Project description: For ten years now, Prishtina Jazz Festival NGO has been working on ways to affect positively a change in cultural life through jazz music. A number of achievements have been made in past years, namely, putting Kosovo as an important spot on the world jazz map, formation of several proficient and qualitative jazz bands, as well as enriching of the cultural life in Kosovo in the month of November.

Prishtina Jazz Festival NGO during last two editions of Prishtina Jazz Festival (2013 & 2014) organized 16 concerts and the same number of jam sessions where artists performed for local audiences, as well as serving as a networking tool between local and international artists. Visiting musicians performed for youth and children, and other interested parties, discussed their music openly and suggested future collaborations. 

The edition 2015, held from 1 to 8 November and in line with previous editions, included jazz concerts, jam sessions, workshops and debates. 

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Organisation: 7arte NGO  
Title: “GREEN Festival – 5th edition”

Project description: Organised from 5 to 6 September 2015, in Mitrovica, the GREEN Festival consists of four major activities: 1) Green Youth Clubs; 2) “Green” open air cinema; 3) “Green” music festival; and 4) National Recycling Art Competition. Besides entertainment, the Festival also aims at raising awareness of the general public as regards the environment and the public space in the city. 

The Festival is organised by 7arte, a non-profit cultural association which gathers local artists from Mitrovica in order to promote cultural activities in the region. 

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Organisation: ERA group
Title: “Kosovo Comics for Sustainability”

Project description: The project includes the organisation of comic workshops involving young people, a comic exhibition in Peja and Prizren as well as the promotion of Kosovo’s youth participation in international comic online/virtual platforms. The aim of the project is, through comic, promote Kosovo’s multi-ethnic society as well as raise awareness on the use of the comic as a tool of expression of diverse issues related to environment, society, etc. The project also aims to raise the appreciation for comic as a part of the cultural sector in Kosovo. 

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Organisation: ORGANIZATA ART
Title: “POST Cultural/Art Print Displays and Mobile Gallery Exhibitions in Central Prishtina”

Project description: The project’s activities include the construction of 10 printed art stands to be displayed at the Mother Theresa Boulevard in Prishtina and the organization of two Mobile Gallery exhibitions. Whit this activity the organisers aim at bringing the art closer to the general public as one of the main problems in Kosovo is that only few people visit the cultural and arts events.

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Organisation: REDO    
Title: “REDO International Graphic Design Conference”

Project description: From 9 to 11 October 2015, the fifth edition of the REDO annual International Graphic Design Conference was organised in Prishtina. 

REDO is a three-day event in motion that brings together designers from around the world to create a discourse around the current issues within the practice of graphic design. Through a series of talks, workshops, books, and tours of the city, REDO provides an opportunity for designers to get together in and around the city of Prishtina.

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Organisation:  Domovik
Title: “Play Classic”
Project description:
The project aims to support local theatre artists’ community in northern Kosovo to set up basis for the future municipal theatre and contribute to improvement of extremely poor cultural offer in this part of Kosovo. In this regard, in the context of the project activities such as training sessions for theatre professionals and a theater paly “Play Classic” were carried out. 

The project is implemented in partnership with the Drama Cathedra of Faculty of Arts in Mitrovica.

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Organisation: Rona Nishliu Foundation
Title: “Me motive tonat”
Project description:
Rona Nishliu, born in Mitrovica, is a seasoned performer and story-teller. “Me motive tonat” is a collection of re-arranged traditional songs from all regions inhabited by Albanian speaking people in the Balkans and Mediterranean and one original song written during the production of the album, accompanied by a documentary, music videos and public concerts.

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Organisation: Ilir GJINOLLI and Lulzim KABASHI
Title: “KOSOVO ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM – ‘MODERNISM DELAYED’ 1945-1991 - Exhibition at Kosovo Art Gallery”

Project description: The project aims at researching and presenting the Kosovo architecture and urbanism from 1945 to 1991. It includes the organization of the exhibition “Modernism delayed” at the Kosovo Art Gallery and a symposium “Modernism Today” at the Department of Architecture as well as the publication of the book “Modernist Architecture in Kosovo 1945-1991”. 

Organisation: European Summer Music Academy – ESMA 2015  
Title: “European Summer Music Academy 2015”
Project description:
The project aims bringing together outstanding European music professionals who, together with their colleagues from Kosovo and the region, work for 10 days with students from Kosovo and abroad. During the ESMA days, held from 19 to 30 July 2015, activities such as masterclasses with professors, concerts, chamber music groups and ESMA opera night were organised. 

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Organisation:  Kosovo Chopin Association   
Title: “ChopinPianoFEST ”Prishtina” 2016”
Project description
: The sixth edition of the “ChopinPianoFEST “Prishtina” 2016” was held from 10 to 26 April 2015, in Prishtina. The Festival included eight piano recitals, one concert for young pianists and the final concert organised in partnership with the Kosovo Philharmonics. “ChopinPianoFEST “Prishtina” 2016” serves as a unique platform for Kosovan audience to enjoy live classical music performances through high-quality performance skills by well-known local and international performers and, at the same time, a unique platform for Kosovan piano performers. It also facilitates exchange of music art values between Kosovo, Balkan region, Europe and other musicians as well as enrich the classical music stage of Kosovo with piano and orchestra repertoire.

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Organisation: Viart
Title: “Strengthening International Culture Promotion of Kosovo through Cross Border Cooperation: Balkans Artist In Residence Program"
Project description:
The project aims at providing an opportunity to artists, especially female artists, from Kosovo and the Balkan region to exchange and share creative ideas during the three-month residence in Kosovo. It also includes the organization of different activities such as workshops, networking events, lectures and exhibitions in order to promote the cross-border cooperation and to increase the visibility of Kosovo’s cultural scene in the region.

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Organisation: Kosovo Center for International Cooperation (KCIC)   
Title: “Bridging of the Future through Art”
Project description:
The project seeks to involve Albanian and Serbian young people, 15 to 20 years old, from the Municipality of Gjilan, in order to increase their interest in participating in local cultural activities and social life. In this regard, the project activities include the organization of the art and picture workshop with young people, field visits to schools and local cultural institutions, the creation of social media fan page, pictures catalogue and one art exhibition of the best pictures created by young people involved in the project.

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Organisation: Association for Protection of Children and Women from Molestation Santa Maria
Title: “We are important too”
Project description:
The project’s objective is to improve the status of women in rural areas of the Municipalities of Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic and increase their participation in cultural activities. The project includes the organisation of the workshop and exhibition on “Rural women and their role in preserving cultural traditions”, psychodrama workshop involving young women, the debate “The empowerment of women position in the country”, among other activities.

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Organisation: Buka
Title: “Theatre in Education - Imagination and Journey”
Project description:
The project’s objectives are to encourage active and inter-cultural education that enable Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) children to achieve goals and standards defined in the national curriculum in the elementary school syllabi; to exercise the right to maintain and respect RAE cultures in the education system; to promote inclusion in society through educational art forms enabling minority ethnic children to assume the functional requisites of society, while respecting their differences and identity; and to promote inclusion in society through extra-curriculum programmes that will ensure principles and moral values of equality within the scope of social equity. The project use Theatre in Education methodology, to design an original interactive programme for children to examine patterns of behavior and to support personal and social development towards human rights, especially in the education of RAE communities.  

Organisation: Teatri Urban Prishtina
Title: “This is our youth”
Project description:
The project aims at producing a theatre play that tackles different youth issues. The play is produced in collaboration with the National Theatre and will be shown in Prishtina and other cities of Kosovo. Teatri Urban is an independent theatre company, founded as open platform for alternative, non-commercial and urban theatre productions and initiatives.


Organisation: Syri i Vizionit  
Title: “Let us stay for few moments together in the dark”
Project description:
The project aims to establish a group of visually impaired children in order to train them in classical music and the use of musical instruments as well as to organise a concert where these children will be able to perform. The main objectives of the project are to support visually impaired and blind children for building their artistic capacities, to create opportunities for visually impaired children to be present and visible in Kosovo’s cultural scene and to raise citizens’ awareness about visually impaired children as equal part in the development of the cultural life in Kosovo.

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Organisation: Children for Tomorrow-Kosovo (CFT-K)
Title: “Youth Cross-Cultural Initiative”
Project description:
The project includes the creation of a theatre performance where young people from Gjakova and Rahovec will be able to express their talent as well the organisation of drawing activities and one exhibition where children together with teachers will be able to promote their creative abilities in the field of art, drawing and painting. 

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Organisation: Reka Hazir  
Title: “Culture and ethnic communities through photography”
Project description:
The project focuses on young people from different communities of Kosovo (Serb, Roma, Catholic Albanian, Shiit community, etc.) by involving them in photography. With a support of a professional photographer, young people participating in the project will be able to raise their knowledge on the photography as well document local traditions, rituals and customs.

Organisation: Kosovo Bosnian Cultural Artistic Association Šarski Behar  
Title: “Regional spring festival & digital profile of Kosovo Bosnian art and culture in last 30 years”
Project description:
The general objective of the project is to promote inter-cultural activities and cultural heritage of the Bosnian community living in Kosovo. The Festival includes music performances involving artists from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo Bosnian, Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Turkish associations. In addition, a digital presentation and cultural heritage exhibition will be staged in order to present Kosovo Bosnian community tradition. 

Organisation: Faton Dolaku
Title: “Legacy”
Project description:
The aim of the project is to produce an audio archive of the traditional Kosovar folk music, performed with instruments authentically handcrafted by the folk musicians. The record will involve musicians from Prishtina, Mitrovica, Prizren, Decan, Rugova and other towns around Kosovo.

Organisation: PUNE DORE NENA  
Title: “Empowering marginalized women through trainings on handicrafts; knitting / crocheting”
Project description:
The project aims at involving women and young women from Prishtina, Mitrovica and Fushe Kosovo and include the organisation of activities such as training on handicrafts, knitting and crocheting, sewing, embroidering, etc. 

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Organisation: Oda Theatre
Title: “HAPU - Art in Public Space Festival (1st Edition)”
Project description:
Organised from 6 to 12 September 2015, HAPU Festival aimed at opening up another dimension of the Public Space presenting quality art work for the public. It also sought to stimulate new methods and approaches in public space demonstrating possible creative means for an interaction between art and the public space, respectively the common social space of the citizens. The event offered both international and local artists’ art works in different spaces in Prishtina and a Public Debate on the theme of Art in Public Space deriving recommendations for cultural authorities for policy intervention in regards of Art in Public Space.

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Organisation: Qendra Multimedia
Title: “War in Times of Love”
Project description:
In the context of the project, Qendra Multimedia from Prishtina, in cooperation with other local and international partners (National Theater of Kosovo (Prishtina), Center for Cultural Decontamination (Belgrade), neon Dance (London), Pushkunst (Milano), CTC (Skopje), Albanian Dance Meeting (Albania) produced the play “War in Times of Love” written by the Kosovo author Jeton Neziraj. The main goal was to produce a high quality theater performance that, after the opening at the National Theater of Kosovo in Prishtina, will tour locally (Gjilan, Ferizaj, Peja and Prizren) and regionally; Tirana, Skopje and Belgrade, as well as be staged at various festivals in Europe. The paly was performed for the first time on 5 May 2015 at the National Theatre of Kosovo.

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Organisation: Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina
Title: “Summer School as a School”
Project description:
Summer School as School (SSAS) is a guide and an intervention, stationed in Prishtina, designed to unite and disseminate critical knowledge produced by selected professionals about exploring and responding on relevant challenges of today, new models and possibilities in art education and art collaboration. Course leaders, lecturers and collaborators have compiled a challenging and inspiring program for participants and the public, structured as a hub with five core courses, public lectures, tour guides, an evening program and an exhibition, to produce a unique experience and a model. The project was developed from 26 July to 9 August 2015, in collaboration with Academy for Visual Arts – AVA, Ljubljana. 

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Organisation:  BAUSHTELLË
Title: “Baushtellë: Balkan Temple”
Project description:
Baushtellë is an art performance project growing from the roots of Prishtina, Belgrade and Zurich. The objectives of the project are to connect and promote artists from the three cities, to create a common performance with different art mediums and show the performance in the three cities, as well as organise different public events (concerts, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, discussions, etc.) which deal with the questions “What do you believe in?”.

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