Call for applications 2016 - Lot 1& Lot 2

In December 2015, the "Culture for all - phase III" project launched a Call for applications 2016 in order to support existing and/or new cultural projects/ events under Lot 1 and inter-ethnic cultural projects/ activities and/or cultural activities which promote the visibility, inclusiveness, respect and rights of vulnerable groups under Lot 2.

The call was addressed to non-profit-making public or private bodies legally constituted in Kosovo, NGOs, associations or other cultural operators or civil society organisations, or informal groups or individual artists/creative practitioners who are based in Kosovo and covered theater and performing arts, audio-visual arts, cinema, publishing and book sector, architecture, and urban interventions, music, visual arts, handicrafts, fashion, design, interdisciplinary actions and cultural theory and criticism.

113 actors submitted their applications. After the assessment exercise carried out by the “Culture for all – phase III” project team and one independent expert and, in agreement with the European Union Office in Kosovo, a list of 21 projects selected under Lot 1 and 5 project selected under Lot 2 was established. 



Organisation: ANIBAR

Title: “ANIBAR International Animation Festival - 7th Edition”

Project description: The 7th edition of the ANIBAR animation festival was organised from 14 to 20 August 2016, in Peja. The festival aimed to further promote youth involvement in the animation, especially at the local level. In the context of the festival, the following activities were carried out: animation film showings; workshops, presentations, meetings with filmmakers and masterclasses; Junior Oscar Competition; and ANIBAR concerts.

In the context of the festival, the CFA training sessions in animation with Mr. Toni Marin Vila and Mr. Juan Carlos Concha, animation film producers and directors from Spain, were also organised. 

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Organisation: DOKUFEST, International Documentary and Short Film Festival

Title: “DOKUFEST Edition XV International Documentary and Short Film Festival”

Project description: DokuFest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosovo. Each year the festival fills the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren with a selection of hand-picked films from around the world. The festival is known for its lively atmosphere, the amazing enthusiasm that grasps the city and its people and also for more than 150 volunteers working for the festival. Documentary photo exhibitions, debates, master classes and lively music events are also part of the 9 days festival.

The XV Edition of the Festival was organised from 5 to 13 August 2016, in Prizren, Kosovo. The event reached approx. 30.000 visitors; screened 238 films from 57 countries and carried out 16 music performances. In addition, 150 journalists accredited the festival. 

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Organisation: Foundation “Une e du Kosoven”

Title: “Arts and Crafts Research Project”

Project description: The activities undertaken by the “Une e du Kosoven” Foundation included the research for four month in the area of the traditional Kosovar arts and crafts. The research aimed to support and revitalize crafts and cultural heritage in Kosovo, bringing it back to the spotlight and thus closer to the wider audience and especially the young generations. The outcomes of the research were documented and systemised in a report.

The foundation "Une e du Kosoven" encourages social development in Kosovo through supporting culture, technology and sports.

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Organisation: DAM Festival

Title: "DAM Festival 2016"

Project description: Since 2006, the DAM festival aims to promote young and emergent musicians and music written. The 2016 edition of the festival was divided into two parts; 1st part was carried out in March-May and the 2nd part was organised in September. The CFA project supported the part implemented in March-May 2016. The main activities included concerts, master-class and workshops, as well as educational activities for Roma and Ashkali communities. 

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Organisation: NGO Mitrovica Rock School

Title: "Mitrovica Remix 2016"

Project description: The main activities of the project “Mitrovica Remix 2016” included training and concerts which contributed significantly to the promotion of inter-ethnic activities in Kosovo, with Kosovar and Serbian participants. Two new ethnically mixed bands were created which performed new and old songs together with the existing ethnically mixed bands in Skopje’s Havana Summer Club.

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Organisation: NGO Artpolis

Title: "FEMART 4th edition"

Project description: ARTPOLIS is a Kosovo-based NGO that promotes culture, arts and multiethnic co-existence through social dialogue and use of theatre as a tool for promoting diversity and social change.

FEMART festival is used as a platform for initiating and presenting ideas and creations that promote women rights. The 4th edition of FEMART Festival was held from 25 to 30 May 2016, in Pristina. During one week, the festival offered plays, concerts, exhibitions, slam poetry, masterclasses, pop-in talks, panels, workshops and films from Kosovo and beyond. The Festival reached approx. 4.000 people.

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Organisation: Offchestra

Title: "Offchestra album"

Project description: The project achieved the production of the first album (record, master and mix/ production of a music video) of Offchestra. The main objective of the project was the promotion of Kosovo’s cultural diversity, enriching Kosovar contemporary music scene, combination of the traditional Albanian music and others music genres.

The band represents the cultural diversity of Kosovo as its members are coming from different communities.

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Organisation: NGO PriFilm Festival

Title: "PriFORUM"

Project description: PriFest is the only International Film Festival with feature and medium-length films in competition that happens in Kosovo. The 8th edition of the PriFilm Festival was held from 22 to 29 April 2016 in Pristina. 79 films were screened in the festival. In the context of PriFimFORUM activities such as pitching training, audience design training, script development training, casting and actors making seminar, among others, were organised.

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Organisation: National Ballet of Kosovo

Title: "Romeo and Juliette for the Graz festival (Austria)"

Project description: The project included the preparation of the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” under the direction of the Austrian choreographer Mr. Darrel Toulon and its presentation at the International Festival “Buehnenwerkstatt” in July 2016, in Graz, Austria. The choreographer used a new innovative approach to the story and music, integrating other music forms such as Kosovar compositions.

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Organisation: NGO Flo

Title: "FLO (Orllan) 6th edition"

Project description: With the 6th edition held from 16 to 18 September 2016, the Flo Festival became one of the most important festivals dedicated to literature, not only in Kosovo but also in the Balkan region. The festival attracted a large young audience thanks to the combination of others forms of art (music, poetry, film).

Visibility: the 6th edition was covered by all main media in Kosovo (RTK/KTV/ Klan Kosova).

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Organisation: NGO Qendra Multimedia

Title: “Cor-ruption (Gjilan, Pristhina, Ferizaj, Prizren, Peje, Tirana, Belgrade)”

Project description: In cooperation with other local and international partners such as City Theatre of Gjilan, National Theatre of Ksovo, City Theatre of Ferizaj, Neon Dance of London, Pushkunst of Milano and National Theatre of Albania, Qendra Multimedia produced the play “cor.rup-tion” which was shown in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and various festivals in Europe.

Qendra Multimedia, based in Prishtina, Kosovo, is a cultural production company, working in the field of arts and culture since it’s foundation in 2002. Its main focus is in contemporary theater and dramaturgy.

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Organisation: KAF - Kosovo Architecture Foundation

Title: “Prishtina Architecture Week 2016 - 4th edition”

Project description: PAW is an annual event and its main objective is to present to the local architecture community and the general public the contemporary theories and methodologies in the field of architecture and urban planning. Prishtina Architecture Week 2016 was organised in partnership with the Future Architecture Platform and held from 4 to 10 July 2016. This year’s edition included 31 activities such as debates, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, interventions, screenings, tours, open houses and studios, lectures and workshops. The event gathered over 5.000 participants.

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Organisation: NGO Stacion

Title: “Summer School as a School 2016 (Kosovo and South-Eastern Europe)"

Project description: Following the successful collaboration project initiated in 2015, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina organised the second edition of Summer School as a School from 3 to 18 July 2016.

Summer School as a School 2016 activities were divided into core courses of the school, exhibitions and performances, conferences and public lectures and course leaders.

With this action Stacion has initiated a process that works to produce a unique experience in the region. With the second edition, the project proved the possible collaboration with partners in the region and encouraged to explore and respond to relevant challenges of today, new models and possibilities in art education and art collaboration.  As a result, the edition 2017 of SSAS had growing list of partners and institutions committed to continue the investment and collaboration in the future.

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Organisation: Gipsy Groove Band

Title: “Promotional tour of Gipsy Groove”

Project description: In the context of the activities supported by the CFA project, nine concerts were organised as part of the promotional tour of Gipsy Groove Band. The band performed in Sweden, Croatia and Switzerland.  Being able to organise 9 countries in 3 countries in 3 months was quite an achievement for the group’s management and increased their knowledge on aspects related to logistics, organisation of touring dates, etc.  

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Organisation: Venera Mustafa

Title: “Fabric Printing”

Project description: The fashion designer Venera Mustafa with the support of the CFA designed the Broka Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, with a special printing techniques such as inkodye. The use of the combined techniques and artist collaborations served as examples of healthy relationships and innovative approach in merging arts and fashion. The collection was photographed and video recorded.

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Organisation: NGO RomaRoad

Title: "Rolling on the Road"

Project description: Rolling On the Road (ROR) Open Air Film Festival held from 4 to 17 August 2016 was organised by and about the Roma community in Kosovo. Based on the success of the previous editions (2009-2014), more than 2.500 people from different regions and communities in Kosovo came to the festival; most of these communities rarely have the chance to attend cultural events.

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Organisation: Alban Muja

Title: "Borders without Borders"

Project description: The project included the photography of abandoned border buildings in 10 Schengen members states (first phase). Main result achieved: all border buildings were photographed according to the plan. The photos were produced and ready to be published. The support of CFA was for the first phase dedicated to the shooting of photos. The second phase is up to the artist to find additional funds for further publication/ exhibition.

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Organisation: NGO European Kosovo

Title: “European 13 - Adaptable City 2”

Project description: The project “European 13 - Adaptable City 2” was implemented in two locations, Pristina and Gjokova. In Gjokova, the project organised a competition in order to obtain ideas for the city’s future. The community of planners, architects and residents were quite involved in the process open to all stakeholders and it will serve as a dialogue for the future of the city. 

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Organisation: NGO Chopin Festival

Title: “Chopin PianoFEST 7th edition”

Project description: The 7th edition of the Chopin Piano FEST was held from 11 to 24 April 2016.  The main activities included classical music concerts and master classes. The main objective of the festival was the promotion of young talents and cooperation and exchange between Kosovo and European artists. The 7th Edition of Piano Music Festival brought interesting pianists with repertoire from Germany, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine, Croatia and Austria, including musicians from Kosovo, Albania and the region offering variety of piano repertoire from Chopin, Lizst, Prokofjev, Schuman and other composers. 

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Organisation: NGO Q'art Qendra

Title: “Guerilla Art festival – GAF”

Project description: The Guerilla Art Festival was held from 14 to 23 August 2016, in Pristina. The festival was opened by a Street studio for public, presenting two different 3d-chalk artworks, offering Graffi workshops and realizing the mural masterpiece in Pristina Square. Approx. 4.000 people participated in the festival.

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Organisation: NGO Kosovo Guitar Society

Title: Classical Guitar festival 2nd edition

Project descirption: The 2nd edition of the Peja International Guitar Festival took place from 22 to 26 June 2016. The main activities of the festival were the evening concerts taking place at the Istref Begolli professional theatre.

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Organisation: NGO KAND

Title: "Multi-Cult Fest"

Project description: Multi-Cult-Festival aimed to enhance cultural exchange between young people of different backgrounds in the city of Gjilan. The activities involved 4 high schools (Albanian, Turkish and Roma), 60 students directly interacted in the festival and more than 300 young people assisted in the event. The festival allowed to establish a multi-ethnic network of young people. After the event, a video was produced showing the project’s results.

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Organisation: Fitore Isufi koja

Title: “Multidisciplinary Exhibition”

Project description: The project aimed at raising the awareness about the violence against women in Kosovo. In this respect, the exhibition “Through” involving different mediums such as installations, text installations, videos, performances and music was organised.

Organisation: NGO Youth Center for Tolerance and Intergration

Title: “The Dance of the Future”

Project description: In the context of the project, a unique traditional dance performance with youth from different locations (region of Pec, Istog, Prizren, Mitrovica and Skenderaj) was organised. In the dance youth from different communities such as Bosnian, Albanian, Goran, Serbian, Roman and Ashkali was gathered.

Organisation: Kosovo Bosnian Cultural Artistic Association Šarski Behar 

Title:  “Children festival promoting visibility and inclusiveness”

Project description: Kosovo Bosnian children and youth culture festival was held in several locations in Prizren. The festival promoted intercultural activities between Bosnian and other communities.  Good collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and local institutions (the Municipal Directorate of Culture of Prizren) was established which might ensure the sustainability of the festival. 

Organisation: Agron Shujaku

Title: “Taubman method of piano”

Project description: The Taubman method of piano was introduced for the first time in three cities: Peja, Ferizaj and Rahoveci.  In other five cities where the project was developed, it was the continuation of the work with the method.

The masterclass reached around 100 pupils/students in 8 cities. The project is a perfect model to illustrate the cultural extracurricular activities inside the school system.