In April 2015, the “Culture for all – phase III” organised the School Quiz and performing Arts Talent Show, with the aim to promote innovative and creative cultural activities and involve students from all regions of Kosovo as well as different backgrounds (especially children form different ethnic communities, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.). 

For the School Quiz 2015, the competition focused on European culture and arts including fields such as literature, classical music, song, theatre, dance, visual arts, contemporary arts as well as heritage. 

The Art Talent activity, on the other hand, foresaw the organisation of the arts contest encouraging young people to perform vocal and instrumental music (pop, classical and folk).

The activity involved 8 schools in seven regions of Kosovo – “Adreni” school (Peja); “Mustafa Bakia” school (Gjakova); “Emin Duraku” school (Przren); “Selami Hallaqi” school (Gjilani); “Migjeni” school (Mitrovica); “Faik Konica” school (Pristina); “Bedri  Gjinaj” school (Minoriteti Boshnj) and “Tefik Qanga” (Ferizaj). 

On 13 and 14 April, two quarter-finals were organised. On 15 April, “Emin Duraku” from Prizren and “Migjeni" from Mitrovice competed in the first semi-final and the school from Prizren advanced to the next round. “Faik Konica” from Pristina and “Tefik Canga” from Ferizaj competed in the second semi-final where the school from Pristina won the semi-final and advanced to the final.

The winner schools from two semi-finals, “Faik Konica” from Pristina and “Emin Duraku” from Prizren, had the chance to compete with each other in the final. The School Quiz winner was the “Emin Duraku” school from Prizren.

As to the Arts Talent Show, a teenager of 12 year old from “Emin Duraku” got the prize.

All participants received certificates and the second and first positions received special prizes.  

The prize to the pupils of the “Emin Duraku” school was a trip to Brussels which was orgnaised in June 2015. The 3-day trip included visits to museums (Mini-Europe, CINQUANTENAIRE Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences, etc.), EU institutions and Infopoints (Parlamentarium).