The second edition of the School Quiz and Arts Talent Show was carried out from March to May 2016, in close partnership with ARTPOLIS, Kohavision (KTV) and the AAB University in Pristina. As in the previous edition, the activity aimed at promoting innovative and creative cultural activities and involve students from all regions of Kosovo as well as different backgrounds (especially children form different ethnic communities, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.).

The competition involved 8 schools from different parts of Kosovo which were selected in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) – “Gjergj Fishta” school (Pristina); “Selman Riza” school (Fushë Kosovë); “Idriz Seferi”  school (Kaçanik); “Abaz Ajeti” school (Gjilan); “SHMU – 2” school (Vushtrri); “Shkëndija” school (Suhareka); “Motrat Qiriaz” school (Klina) and “Zekiria Rexha” school (Gjakova).

On April 13 and 14, four quarter finals were organised. After the results, the semi-finals with “SHMU – 2” and “Idriz Seferi” schools and “Abaz Ajeti” and “Motrat Qiriaz” “school were held.

The winner schools from the semi-finals, “SHMU – 2” from Vushtrri and “Abaz Ajeti” from Gjilan, competed on 18 April 2016. The winner of the School Quiz 2016 was the “SHMU – 2” school from Vushtrri.

All participants received certificates and the second and first positions received special prizes.

The winner school gained a trip to Zagreb (Croatia) which was organised in June 2016. During the trip, pupils had the opportunity to visit the relevant sights of Zagreb (Croatia) such as Zagreb City Museum, Archaeological Museum, Palace of HAZU, PLIVITCE, etc.

The pupils who gained the second position from the “Abaz Ajeti” school from Gjilan had the opportunity to travel to Berat (Albania) and visit the city’s  relevant sights such as Berat‘s Fort, Mangalem, National Iconographic Museum Onufri, Gorica, etc.