The first edition of the Children Week Festival was organised from 28 to 30 September 2015 in Pristina, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST). 

The main objective of Children Week Festival was to promote innovation, learning and social inclusion through culture by utilizing experiential educational approach that makes possible to:

  • Engage pupils in educational and learning activities through artistic projects and makes them aware of potentials of culture and arts in skill-building; 
  • Encourages schools to introduce extra-curricular cultural activities in their educational programs and promote local culture;
  • Bring cultural events closer to children and young people from different backgrounds.

The Festival involved 13 elementary and high schools from different municipalities of Kosovo – “Hasan Prishtina” and “Sami Frasheri” schools (Pristina); “Emin Duraku” and “Remzi Ademaj” schools (Prizren); “Asdreni” and “Bedri Pejani” schools (Peja); “Frang Bardhi” and “Migjeni” schools (Mitrovica); “Asllan Elezi” and “Selami Hallaqi” schools (Gjilan); “Ahmet Hoxha” and “Shaban Hashani” schools (Ferizaj); “Selman Riza” school (Fushe Kosove). In the Children Week Festival participated 262 pupils and 13 teachers. 

The program for elementary schools and high schools focused on the following topics:

Elementary schools    

  • promotion of cultural heritage
  • visual arts
  • animation
  • puppet theatre
  • music (singing)    

High schools

  • theatre (acting) 
  • architecture
  • design
  • literature
  • cinema
  • music (jazz)

The activities included lectures, presentations, interactive games, performances, workshops, trainings and rehearsals.